Twill limited edition is the proposal by Bartoli Design for Laurameroni’s Intarsia, a collection including works by artist and architects for an exceptional series of limited edition containers-artworks. Twill will be produced in 21 numbered and signed pieces only.

“The Intarsia collection reproduces drawings, each edition a different one, over a standard sideboard, with the technique of handmade wood marquetry. The desire is to create high-level craftsmanship furniture pieces also deserving the status of art multiples. We combined that typically Italian craftsmanship with our designer’s sensibility, exploring the geometry of the twill, the traditional English fabric with herringbone pattern. We proposed it framed inside irregular hexagons and triangles. What we wanted most was this graphic theme to cover the whole object, completely enveloping it and making it possible to place the sideboard in the centre of the space as a sculpture. We also wished the final result to be bright, so we included almost white wood portions to create light beams. The base is designed as a thin polyline and its shape dialogues with the graphic geometry inspired by the twill.” (Bartoli Design)

Twill is a sideboard enveloped by a mosaic of Eucalyptus, Oak and Tay wood marquetry, interspersed with off-white wood areas, creating a light-and-shadow geometric interplay. The base is in burnished and brushed-finished brass and the inside, in off-white wood, is equipped with drawers and shelves.