The Sushi table is an elegant piece of furniture and one of a collection of fixed and extendable tables, which is very popular and has been for many years, loved for its timeless style, resilience and innovative design. A product meant to last: rigour and beauty, innovation and durability.
Sushi is very versatile, perfect to use as a dining room table, a desk in an office, or table for a conference room. The table makes for a wonderful centre piece, evoking sophistication to living and working spaces.
The extendable version, when pulled out to its full extent, still manages to retain its aesthetic style, with the legs remaining at the ends of the table and the thin, sleek top remaining even.
The table is strong, sturdy and simple, although unforgettable in design.
The aluminium frame is combined with different kinds of table top materials: Alucompact laminate, Pure-white full-core, Fenix-NTM, painted glass and Dekton. Table tops are easy to keep clean and are water and scratch resistant. The mechanisms used in the extendable tables are extremely precise and merge perfectly into the design aesthetic of the table, being virtually invisible, while safe, secure and child-proof.