A table system with strong materic, emotional feeling, trying to create a mood around the table area: the pleasure of something with with a natural touch.

“We would avoid glass, aluminium and steel, preferring materials that allow irregularity. Designing an iconic, simple cone shape for the legs, with a peculiar round plug peeping at the top, we meant that form to be enlived by some sort of material – we still had to find. We investigated several compounds and stones till we understood concrete, with its silver colour, had that dose of harshness and irregularity we were looking for. Those concrete cones were candid statements of weight and task: to be bases, resembling foundation pillars, gaining significance when grouped in two or four pieces together. We chose solid wood for the table top. While designing and prototypying it, we thought the simple wood-concrete mix will get new allure while aging, gaining the uniqueness of lived things, a kind of imperfect beauty and understated elegance.”

Still table has been awarded with the Red Dot Good Design Award.