Inner structure in metal tubing on elastic belts with detachable back. Padding in soft moulded Rofoam. Supports in lacquered aluminium casting with nylon underpinnings. Slipcovers can be easily removed and are exclusively executed with a special elastic fabric available in many different colours.

Sha and Shu offer the possibility of replacing both the seat cover, fastened by means of zippers, and the back cover by loosening the blocking system under the seat.

Many chromatic combinations are available for back and seat coverings in a special elastic 100% wool-fabric.

The Sha and Shu elements are part of a larger family of seatings.

The concept behind this design is to provide an informal seating system, suitable both for  private and for contract use, with the special elastic covers being conceived to stay perfectly close-fitting after prolonged use. 

The products are designed to be seen all around, the same  importance given to the back as to the front of each piece.