Modular upholstered seating system approachable tape, with high back.
Characterized by curved and straight basic elements, it allows to create countless compositions, even with tight bends or closed loop. The system is especially designed for contract environments such as lobbies, waiting areas and transit, airports, offices, exhibition spaces and museums, hotels and restaurants.
 An integrated desktop-oval arm – positioned in correspondence of the combination between the elements – and the coverage plan for the central space for closed circular composition.
 Underseat accessory available for USB and AC 220V power.
 Metal structure padded with polyurethane foam of different densities, which ensures comfort and durability, fire resistant according to Italian Class 1M. 
Fabric or imitation leather, with a selection of proposals designed to the contract requirements.
 Table-arm and circular closure MDF shelf with textured finish matte black.
 Bases are made of tubular chrome or epoxy powder coated steel in anthracite and white 11 18.

In designing River, we have taken into account a type of use that involves longer residence times, as can happen in an airport.
 So we wanted to include in the back design, a comfortable seat (large thick foam in key pressure point), a smooth section that would allow easy piulizia the packaging industry itself, thin legs and seat off the ground.

Putting together these needs, we have created a deeper section in the center and on the slender profiles, ensuring a slight visual impact along with the seating comfort. The wide accessibility and visibility of the underside allows easy cleaning and control of security in public waiting areas in airports and stations.
 They were in fact designed and built several tipologies of bases, to reach the final solution that has convinced the visual lightness and robustness.
The technology designed to tension the coating allows the lasting stability even in high-traffic environments.