Poppystar a sturdy easy chair with a versatile appearance.

Suitable for contract usage Poppystar is the result of a formal and careful technological application which optimizes the latest generation of air moulding thermoplastic injection.

Air moulding technology is used for thermoplastics in order to obtain elements of variable thickness, visually solid but actually hollow without any outward variation in shape.

The controlled induction of nitrogen into these zones during the injection creates a hollow channel within the thermoplastic material walls.

The “state of the art” technology used for Poppystar allows virtually perfect objects, exceeding the usual limits and defects of the air moulding process.

The latest generation air moulding process, as used for Poppystar, allows perfect control for the channel draining and the wall thickness.

All products look identical, without variations in the external surface and unchanging resistance levels that can be certified.

A controlled size channel runs through all rear legs, the arms and the front legs, thus creating on both sides of the armchair two arches, extremely light yet very resistant.

Seat and back, just like taut sails, are strengthened by ribs on the sides and the perimeter of the panels.

In designing Poppystar, the designers developed a formally characterized shape yet suitable for different ambiences – contemporary, classic, informal or elegant – where it easily settles in thanks to a colour range including bright as well as neutral tones.

Cyan, Magenta and yellow are the colours that, together with black, compose the basis to four-colour reproduction and represent a powerful choice for seating colours, a part of the originality of Poppystar.

Atmospherics do not influence Poppystar structural specifications, so it can be used outdoors. For a better UV radiations resistance Segis suggests lighter colours such as Light grey, Ivory, Light green.