The collaboration between Bartoli Design and Rexa Design is back with the Ply accessories collection, the new project that expresses the Studio’s passion for objects dedicated to personal well-being and ordering space, not just the domestic one.

Composed of various elements with pure and essential geometries, Ply comes in square or round shapes, in precious finishes and shades, such as Carrara or Nero Marquina marble, CorianĀ® Glacier White or Deep Nocturne, glossy red lacquer or natural beech,Ā  creating pleasant, involving tactile and visual sensations.

It is a collection of precious accessories that can stand individually or combine in infinite multifunctional configurations, for unique compositions, thanks to the possibility of mixing shapes, colors and materials in an innovative and personal way, in order to characterize different environments and occasions.

To facilitate the combinations there is a magnet system, to immediately couple the various accessories, creating compositions that enhance creativity and with daring balances, otherwise impossible.

Just a few elements of the collection are enough to complete and enrich the furniture, from the living room to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to compose refined, versatile and personal decoration solutions, as Bartoli Design explains: “Ply is a collection of accessories for any day and for special moments, arose from the idea that, by combining shapes and textures layer by layer, it is possible to create your own accessory to empty pockets, enhance objects, serve an aperitif or a plate with style, mix spices, consume the tea ritual; organize cosmetics or make-up sessions, compose an ikebana, host your collection of pencils, prepare for aromatherapy … and continue to play with your imagination!”