Fixed or extendable tables with square, rectangular or oval tops in transparent or etched and back-lacquered glass and legs in chromed steel tube. “The design research on the subject of tables with sculptural base started from a very simple geometric element, the cylinder, that we multiplied and composed studying the rhythm and proportions of heights and voids, to get an instinctively balanced look, as trees in the forest”. Bonaldo asked for a model of table – or rather a system of tables – with a “sculptural base”. Our feel was that we had to answer with a product that could be industrial yet flexible; we wanted to get a system that would be adaptable to different table sizes and shapes without becoming artisanal. With Mille you can also provide custom designed solutions without changing the manufacturing concept. Also, the idea was that the “sculptural table” should have been available at a democratic price.  Our design started from a very simple geometric element, a stainless steel cylinder, which is available from standard line production. Then we multiplied and composed it, in an apparently random way, as it happens with elements in nature. Studying the rhythm and proportions of the solids and the voids, we wanted to reach an instinctively balanced look, as trees in the forest. In the end we felt we had found the solution to get an important table, the kind of furniture you choose as the central piece in your living or dining room, without using ornaments, simply repeating one single element, as nature does. And there is a contrast between the materials – glass and stainless steel – which are very technical, and the idea we used of that “natural” pattern of legs, made from a tight and random repetition.