JEDI is inspired by the traditional long and narrow tables used in monk’s dining halls: simplicity led design.

Positioned at the table ends or set slightly back from them, the pairs of rectangular solid oak overlapping legs form an inverted V, which is the distinguishing feature of this project.

The solid oak rectangular tops are connected to the legs by joints, visible on the top, and bright red lacquered metal connectors under the top.

Jedi offers a range of dimensions which allow for an easy placement in public as well as in private contexts. The versions with legs at the top ends are suitable as desks and working or display tops for showrooms, exhibitions, bookshops and retail spaces – and may be placed side-by-side in long compositions.

The name “Jedi” ironically refers to Star Wars warriors and their uniforms distinguished by a V-shaped cross-over closure echoed by the legs of the tables.