An aptitude for research to go beyond constraints may be found in the designs of the Sen-su and Sen-to chairs and armchairs: a play of graphic textures that surprises with their unexpected solidity, concealed behind visual lightness.

“Developed in a continuous exhange between design and engineering, by several prototypes, Sen-su and Sen-to have been an interesting experimental playground for our design and for our cooperation with Da a, being our first project for the brand. With the Sen-su chair and armchair we worked to translate our first poetical inspiration – the lightness of the “sensu” traditional Japanese fans – with the rules dictated by the steel wire manufacturing technology. We tried different ways of twisting, curving, assembling the rods to achieve visual balance, comfort, strength and feasibility. The result is a chair whose technical and aesthetic focus is the “spinal line” where several V rods alternate and are reflected, creating a distinguishing pattern, extremely light yet sturdy.  In the Sen-to chair, our objective was to create a contemporary kind of manual weaving with a graphic and minimal effect. The result is really comfortable”. (Bartoli Design)

Sen-su: indoor-outdoor chair and armchair with steel frame and rods for seat and backrest. The steel part is exterior-grade treated, varnished with light blue, grey, white, black, dove grey, mars green and sand grey texturized lacquers, plus green and red satin lacquers. In the armchairs two different size circular cushions are available, to be freely placed inside the metal shell.