One form of writing that is art too.

The Kanji, the japanese ideograms, are a distillate of the millenial asian culture and hold the ability to both synthetize and express complex senses. The shodo calliographers quick and skilful gesture has inspired the graphic shape of these seatings, formally “light” and full of values when used.

Kanji 1 and Kanji 2 are a one-seater and two-seater chaise longue, which enclose careful ergonomic proportions behind their essential look, having the best seating angle to comfort and relax the whole body also thanks to the possibility to adjust the headrest cushion.

The unusual two-seater version allows to be used by two person or offers wide space for one.

Kanji have a metal inner structure and padding in moulded Rofoam; foam headrest.

The slipcovers are made of a special elastic 100% wool fabric, available in many colors or a technical elastic fabric printed with a custom made drawing.