Integral, the collaborative creation of Bartoli Design and Caimi Brevetti, is a sound-absorbing panel and lighting family born from a meticulous design process.

Aligned with Bartoli Design’s ethos, Integral features an essential and balanced semi-spherical shell (80 and 120 cm diameters) that harmoniously blends function and aesthetics, offering a variety of colors. Beyond its primary purpose of acoustic comfort in enclosed spaces with excessive reverberation, these panels also serve as lighting fixtures with concealed LEDs, creating a soft, complementing light. Sustainability is a core focus, with 100% recyclable materials.

Integral, part of Caimi’s Snowsound technology accessories, maximizes acoustic treatment effectiveness with its spherical cap shape. Whether on walls or in cable-suspended versions, it enhances acoustic performance, especially at medium-low frequencies.

Applied to the ceiling, wall-mounted (via magnetic plates), or spaced from the wall with LEDs, Integral provides a soft ‘wall-washer’ lighting effect. The suspended ceiling version uses three adjustable-height cables and offers indirect lighting.

Caimi’s Snowsound technology delivers eco-friendly sound-absorbing panels, ideal for offices, conference halls, and restaurants. Utilizing 100% recyclable mono-material polyester at various densities, the panels are covered in Trevira CSĀ® polyester fabric for a visually soft yet durable surface. Snowsound technology adheres to ISO 10053 standards.