The structure is made of a beech plywood frame, measuring 25 x 30 mm, which constitutes the front leg and, running along the sides of the seat-and-back body, supports it.

Along the back the structure is jointed to the rear leg vertical element, which has an identical section.

The shell creating a one-piece seat-and-back is made of curved beech plywood, 8 mm thick.

The chair has natural and stained beechwood finishes and is available with seat-and-back leather covering.

The Bliss chair develops the concept which was first experimented in the “Mito” chair, designed by Carlo Bartoli in 1969: a one-piece shell in curved plywood, working as connection between the two side frames made by the legs.

In 2004, Bliss has been selected for exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (M.o.M.A.), U.S.A.