Project Description


The Kylindros project consists of large cylindrical elements which play an architectural role in the space where they are placed: they may stay in the middle of rooms as walk-in cabinets that you can enter. The pieces are suitable for display or storage of items and accessories – as sport equipments or clothes, as a stand-alone closet, as a cocktail cabinet, to store technical apparels, as a fitting room and more. Their cylindrical shape has a vibrant look, thanks to the wood Decor finish, carved with an irregular pattern which revives the characterisation and the flavours of craftsmanship.

“We took a cue from functions that usually need custom-made furniture solutions and dealt with a new typology: a large container, which it is possible to walk in and which can store objects and even large technological instruments. It should solve problems that arise in residential and contract areas: from displaying (clothing and accessories) to concealing (technologial appliances), from containing (cumbersome equipment as sets of golf clubs, ski, diving or photographic equipment) to archiving (documents) – when one wishes to fix all that with a furniture piece having a positive visual impact, set at the center of the area. The inside may be custom-fitted; we designed some standards fittings as the double spiral of shelves, an Escher-inspired feature”. (Bartoli Design)

The Kylindros frame is divided in three full-heigth parts, one consisting in the door whith a flush-mounted metal handle. The inside may be variously fitted and is equipped with a led lighting ceiling. Three typologies of internal fittings have been designed:
Kylindros Golf, for golf lovers;
Kylindros Show, equipped with twelve display shelves arranged in the shape of two spirals;
Kylindros Coat, equipped as a clothing closet.
Custom equipment is also possible according to clients’ specifications. The frame comes with the carved “Decor” finish in several wood species, including Teak, Oak, Rosewood, Ebony and Wengè.


Project Details