Project Description


With Genius has made a formal synthesis of tensions arising from metaprojectual content.
We wanted to “hold” in this project the feeling of calm and at the same time of the suspension, but a mild suspension, not dangerous – hence the floor support and development in a form that floats horizontally.

This resulted in almost a reversal of the forms that characterize Bend, the former bed designed for Move.
The curves Genius are “slow” – where another project were faster and closed – because relaxation is the concept that has guided the design choices.

This meant act on many aspects:
. the shape – and continues to follow with his eyes, like a calm horizontal landscape or the sea line, which ends with the rounding of a hill;
. the color and the light – the proposal of coatings in bright and warm colors, positive, combined with the pleasure of a light illumination, diffuse toward the floor;
. softness – the choice of coatings particularly pleasant to caress;
. the scent – the spread of a mild aroma into the environment relaxing choice, stimulating or purifying air;
. comfort – the head without edges, which allows a comfortable resting position reclines relax in, and the combination with “memory foam” mattresses, which promote the best relaxation of the body, adapting without pressure and by providing the right support;
. the feeling of freshness and cleanliness – the date of the suspension from the ground and from the linear bearings.

The special shape continues, between rear / headboard and platform support, is realized with a tubular metal structure, padded and upholstered, supported in the front of a base full or metal plate.
The cover, in fabric or leather, are removable.
They are provided as an option: LED lighting, diffuse towards the floor, and your essence diffuser, positioned on both sides and operated by independent switches.

Project Details